Are You Maximizing Your Days Off?

We know it’s COVID, and many of you are still traveling to work while others are working from home, but let’s face it: holidays, weekends, even vacations often don’t seem long enough to recharge and refresh.

But as strange as it might seem, maybe you’re doing it wrong. This article discusses how to maximize your days off. So let’s take a look.

A Simple Day Off And What Do You Do?

Frequently, on a day off, by the time you have finished all your chores and things that have to get crammed into each weekend, you just want to relax and veg out. Doing nothing seems like a great plan. So you plop down in front of the TV and pass the time mindlessly. This isn’t a bad idea, and everyone needs this sort of downtime. But if this is all you do, you’re left feeling like you wasted your time and have no memory of actually doing anything fun or exciting.

Do A Bit More!

Set aside some time each day off or weekend for just relaxing and chilling out, but also plan some activities and time for yourself that will provide you with great memories of your time off and make you look forward to the next one.

Downtime With Your Partner

Sitting down and watching a movie with your partner is excellent. But the full experience may need a bit more. Pop up the popcorn, pour your favorite drink, put the PJ’s on, toast up the oven if you do not have a fireplace, eat up with a few s’mores, and your good to relax and enjoy.

While this is a great idea to be with your partner on a cold chilly night, there is much more to consider when alone.

Spending Time With Those Close To You

In the past, it was easy to say, “Whatever leisure activity you have planned for your day off, find a way to share it with someone, and turn it into a memorable experience.”. But with the recent pandemic, this may not always be easy. So let’s discuss outings with your closest family and friends that you are comfortable being around.

For instance, maybe you love to fish. A good day off is getting up early and spending the day at the local lake or river fishing, whether you catch anything or not. But what if you shared this experience with someone else. Taking your children, or a niece or nephew with you, and teaching them how to fish would be exponentially more rewarding and give both of you a memory to last a lifetime.

Take your hobby and share it with those close to you. You can rest assured it will be amazing and a memory to cherish forever.

Alone Time

You don’t need to cram every holiday or weekend with activities. It would be best if you had pure downtime as well. But don’t just drop onto the couch in front of the TV and do nothing all weekend.

So, how about a visit to your favorite salon. Sounds like a plan, right? Can you think of anything better than a pamper day for yourself? Not only will you be relaxed, but you will leave feeling refreshed and fabulous. How about the new haircut or hairstyle, hair color, or the quick blow-dry? No matter what, it’s all good; after all, it’s a New Year!

Turn your days off into days to remember and let Public Image LTD the Salon help you do just that!

Our friendly salon is located in Wayne, New Jersey in Morris County. We all look forward to helping you get the jump start you deserve.

Please know that we have put in place all of the protocols required by the CDC for hair salons so your visit can be relaxing and comfortable.