When it comes to hair, 81% of women say they feel confident when their hair looks great. Another 72% say they feel empowered. Having great hair starts with the right color and cut. No matter how you style it, if the shade is off, the whole look won’t be right. 

The question is, “is box color bad for your hair? The answer is, yes!

You take a significant risk by attempting to dye your hair at home. It can be a tempting risk, but for the reasons we outline below, salon-quality hair dye is the sensible choice when you’re ready for a color change. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All 

When was the last time you tried on a piece of clothing that was “one size fits all,” and it fit perfectly? The chances of this happening are slim. Boxed hair color works similarly. 

Manufacturers design the dye to work on a wide variety of hair colors and types. The problem with this is that the results are inconsistent, unpredictable, and damaging. The chemicals are harsher than necessary to ensure the dye can effect a change on a wide variety of hair types. 

A professional colorist will consider several factors when dying hair. They will create a custom formula to achieve your desired color. They will alter your color formula based on the factors below, which a box dye cannot. 

  • Skin tone 
  • Level of porosity 
  • Natural level 
  • Underlying pigment 
  • Previous artificial pigments 
  • Percentage of grey 

Demi and Semi-Permanent Should Mean Different Things 

When evaluating box dye, you’ll find that these terms don’t have much meaning. The box will promise you a month of vibrant color before it washes out. But this isn’t always the case. Different users with different hair types can have very different experiences in the life of a dye. 

Temporary hair dyes in fashion colors are some of the biggest offenders. The label will claim “semi-permanent”, but in reality, they’re not. 

Your professional colorist will know the difference between these types of dye. They will also recommend the correct one to use to get the results you’re looking for. 

Impossible Results 

Pastel hair color has become one of the most in-demand color trends. Browse the box dye aisle of your local store, and you’ll mistakenly believe you can achieve your dream shade of pastel pink, blue, or purple at home. This is untrue. 

To achieve a pastel shade, you must go through several rounds of lightening on your hair. You cannot do this in one step with one box dye. Unfortunately, you will never achieve the correct color with box dye. 

A professional colorist will know how to lighten your hair while reducing the risk of damage or breakage. They will also give you the tools needed to ensure your new color lasts. 

Avoid the Box Color and Trust a Professional

You should now have a clear understanding of why box color is a terrible idea. Salon hair dye applied by a professional colorist is the only way to prevent damage to your hair while also ensuring you achieve your desired results. 

At the Public Image Salon, we hope to be back open real soon. You can still call to request an appointment . Our skilled and talented team is looking forward to energizing your hair again.