There is always a new trend that happens for spring and summer. Lots of people want to have new, lighter hair to match their lighter attitudes when summer rolls around. You may have heard about this year’s trend: hair painting. But what exactly is painted hair? How does it work?

What is Hair Painting Called?

Another name for hair painting is palm painting. It has become trendy as an opposite to balayage. Balayage has strict rules on where a hair stylist should place highlights for maximum painted effects. Hair painting is different. With this technique, your stylist will put dye onto his or her gloves, especially the palm area. Then, he or she will spread the dye onto your hair in large chunks or sections. Many times, highlighted hair leaves a definite line where your highlights end and your natural color begins. Hair painting leaves your hair with soft, natural looking highlights. In fact, your hair will look very natural. How great is that?

Can I Do It Myself?

While the idea of putting hair dye on gloves sounds easy, it is not. It takes a professional to make sure he or she places the color perfectly to give you natural-looking highlights. If you try to do it yourself, you run the risk of not placing the color correctly. And, that means your hair will not look like you want it to.

Trends in Hair Painting Near Me

There are several trends for this hair coloring technique right now. The most obvious is to lighten a client’s hair for spring and summer. If you have light brown hair, you might want to think about adding some lighter shades of blonde as a highlighting feature. If you are a redhead, you may consider adding strawberry blonde highlights to your hair. People with darker brown hair may decide to go a shade that is lighter.

Another on-trend hair painting style is to add layers and definition to gray hair through hair painting. Many young women are going gray because it is an awesome color trend and looks good on nearly everyone. But why go one color of gray when you can add multicolor layers of gray and silver?

Hair Painting Techniques

There are several hair painting techniques. Stylists can use the original technique and add highlights to your hair. They can accent the look through dry brushing. Your stylist may also choose to accent your hair with lowlights as well. That means he or she would add a blend of lighter colors, as well as darker colors, for highlighting. This gives your hair a three-dimensional look. Stylists have also tried diagonal painting techniques to help give hair a unique coloring pattern. You may also choose to add a different color along the ends or tips of your hair.

Many people use this new technique to add to their natural hair color. However, some decide to use the technique with other colors as well. In fact, many stylists have used it to add dimensions of vibrant color to their clients’ hair. For example, one stylist used a vibrant mid-pink and added darker pink tones with hair painting. Another stylist added teal tones to her client’s gray hair. If you go with an experienced stylist, the effects of hair painting can be spectacular.

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