4 Easy Tests to Know Your Skin Undertone

Did you know that you might have a cool undertone even if you have a dark skin tone? Or, if you have a fair complexion, you might have a warmer undertone. Skin tone is easily visible and ranges from fair to medium to dark. 

However, your skin undertone is hidden tones that make up your skin tone and react with the color of your hair, your clothes, jewelry and more. The skin undertone makes your skin look cool, warm, or neutral. When blending your skin undertone with the right colors, you will achieve a glowing result. 

Below, we list a few simple and fun ways to help you determine your skin undertone. This way, you can choose the right hair color, apparel, and accessories to give you a radiant and beautiful appearance. 

See You Skin Undertone With 4 Easy Tests

1. Vein Check

A quick look at your veins can easily tell you whether you have a warm or cool undertone. Stand in front of your window with the curtains and blinds open and where enough daylight is passing through. You must not be outdoors where there’s too much sun or right under direct sunlight as the sun will dial up the brightness 100%.

Then take a look at the veins on your wrist or the inside of your forearm. Is it bluish or purplish? If so, your skin undertone is on the cool side. If your veins look greenish, your undertone is on the warm side. You might be neutral if you can’t tell, or it’s a mix.

Try the following tests to test again and confirm.

2. Test With a White Sheet of Paper

Grab a white sheet of paper and compare it to your neck or chest. Do not use your face for comparison because the face can be flushed or pale depending on your hormone levels.

So how does your neck or chest compare to the white sheet of paper? If it looks pinkish or reddish, you have a cool skin undertone. However, if it looks yellowish, you have a warm skin undertone.

3. Try a White Towel

Another method is to take off your clothes, wrap a white towel around you, and tuck your hair away. The contrast will make your skin undertone pop out. If your chest and neck are still giving you mixed results, head to your jewelry box for the following testing pieces.

4. Bring Out The Silver and Gold Jewelry

Take a piece of silver and gold jewelry. Try to keep them the same type, length, and size for the best results. Hold the silver and gold pieces against your neck. Whichever makes your skin look more radiant will determine your skin undertone.

If your skin looks brighter and better with silver jewelry, then you’re on the cool side. However, if gold jewelry makes you shine more, then you’re on the warm side. If both pieces make you look radiant, then you’re neutral.

If you still cannot determine your skin undertone, fret not! Because a neutral undertone is what you most likely have. With a neutral undertone, almost all colors will suit you well.

See You Skin Undertone With 4 Easy Tests

Have You Come To a Conclusion as To What Skin Undertone You Have?

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