The 5 Body Types and How to Dress For Each

Getting dressed can be challenging, especially for a special occasion. But once you know your body type, it can be a bit easier to understand what will look best before emptying your entire closet in search of what looks best on you in the mirror.

This article aims to explain each body type and offer some how-to dress options for each.

There are three universal tips for flattering a figure; balance, attention, and color choice. Ensuring a balance between your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips will provide a cohesive and flattering image. While drawing the eye to the most loved part of one’s body, using colors, patterns, and lines will provide confidence.

On top of these three universal tips, each of the five body types has its own. The five body types are rectangle, hourglass, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, and inverted triangle.


The rectangle body type is a straight silhouette with approximately the same width at the shoulders and hips. The waist will not exceed 25% of the shoulders and hips. Avoid oversized coats or extra wide pants, as they will not be flattering for this body shape. In addition, straight-cut pants are not recommended.

Flared skirts, high-rise jeans, and cinched belts will be a go-to for this figure. Pair these items with a ruffled top or puff sleeve for the most flattering effect.


The hourglass body has approximately the same width shoulder and hips with a defined waist. The bust and butt are commonly on the larger side. Avoiding stiff fabrics and boxy silhouettes will be beneficial.

Pairing a peplum or wrap top with skinny-legged jeans will flatter the curves. Other options include key-hole necklines and v-neck cuts. The most flattering dress shape will be a fit-and-flare.

Pear Shape

The pear-shaped body has hips and thighs wider than the bust and shoulders. Most commonly, a defined waist is smaller than the hips measurement. Avoid skinny trousers that cling to the hips and pants with decorated pockets.

Square and cowl neck tops with roomier boot-cut jeans will draw the eye to the most flattering areas. In addition, A-line dresses, flat-cut trousers, and patterned coats will make an excellent addition to any pear-shaped body’s wardrobe.

Apple Shape

The apple-shaped body has a uniform shoulder, waist, bust, and hip, but the shoulders and hips may be slightly narrower. Avoid crop tops and tight-fitted shirts, which will accentuate the stomach region.

Dolman-sleeve and peplum tops will create the illusion of a slimmer waist. More options to cinch the waist include empire waist dresses, belted trousers, and bootcut jeans.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle body type has shoulders as the broadest part of the body. The bust may be larger, but the hips and waist will always be narrower than the shoulders. Therefore, avoiding garments that increase the size of the shoulders is a must—decrease the volume in the shoulders with tank tops and scoop-neck cuts.

Add volume and curves to the hips and waist with flared and boyfriend jeans. Micro-printed pants and midi-skirts are also attractive options.

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