If you have short hair or you are dreaming of short hair, you may not know how to make a change. You may be wondering, “How do I know if short hair will suit me?” Maybe, you are asking, “How can I style my short hair?” Here are some suggestions for you. You can make your short hair something to talk about.

Let’s look at some lively short haircuts, just in time for party season!

The Angled Bob with Dark Brown Color and Wine Infusion

We love a dark bob for fall moving into winter. Dark warm browns are in, especially for women who are over 40. We also love deep chocolate browns. Fall and winter just seem to bring out the best in our browns. The angled bob is a great haircut as well. Angling the bob gives your hair definition and frames the face well. Want to add a kick to the dark brown color and your angled bob? Add some deep wine highlights to keep your bob fresh and current.

The Amazing Pixie Cut with Ombre Fringe

We adore a pixie cut for women with short hair. Depending on your personality, pixie cuts can be adorable or edgy. Pixie cuts have never gone out of style since they first appeared in the 1960s. If you love the pixie, you may want to try mixing it up with some ombre fringe. Let’s play with some deep reds or oranges for fall with a pixie, and shade to ombre in the front. The 1990s are in at the moment, so you will be on-trend all through the holidays.

Layered Messy Bob with Autumn Color

Sometimes, you do not want a sleek bob because it makes you feel too much like a mom. Why not try a layered messy bob with some autumn color? Bobs look great with balayage. Add a red or brown that will carry you through winter. We can also do some pops of color in a golden brown messy bob. It’s just the right style for women who want to look chic without looking too polished and prim.

Pixie with Side-Swept Long Bangs

If you have a pixie or are thinking about getting one, think about getting one with longer, side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs are in for the fall and winter, as are deep side parts. Why not have a pixie that is on-trend for winter? If you want to winterize your pixie, try changing your hair color to a lovely ice blonde.

Bob with Color and Fishtail Braids

There’s nothing more beautiful and classic than a bob with a fishtail braid on the top for holiday parties. A fishtail braid looks amazing, but stylists usually restrict it to long hair. With a longer bob, it is possible to use a fishtail braid element in your hair. Bobs with fishtail braids look awesome in hair with more than one color. Bobs with highlights or balayage look great with a fishtail braid.

If you need a new cut or color for your short hair for fall or winter, give us a call. Let us help you figure out the perfect cut or color for your face, job, or personality. We would love to find the perfect party look for you. Contact Public Image, LTD, the Salon, in Wayne, N.J., in Passaic County.

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