Long Hairstyles 2022

Are you a long-haired gal looking to modernize your look for the new year? Or maybe you have a cute, short chop right now but you dream of having long tresses one day.

If you’ve found yourself searching “long hairstyles 2022” to get some inspiration, look no further. We’re about to share some of our favorite long hair trends, ideas, and tips with you.

Keep reading if you are ready to embrace your Rapunzel-like hair!

Sleek and Straight

Long Hairstyles 2022, sleek and straight

With the rise of the current 90s and Y2K nostalgia, it’s no surprise that the sleek and straight style is popular again.

This look was all over the Spring/Summer 2022 runways but it’s actually super easy to achieve. An excellent starting point is a simple straight blow-dry. Then all you need is a good flat iron and perhaps a keratin treatment to get that pin-straight look.

Alternatively, if you want the look without the work, consider getting a professional blowout. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Big and Bouncy

Long Hairstyles 2022, big and bouncy

If you broke up with your flat iron in high school and have no intention of going back, have no fear. The big, bouncy, and beautiful style is another one of our favorite top hair trends for next year.

Loose curls, lots of layers, and a massive amount of volume are all you need for this style. You’ve probably heard of “the Rachel“? Yes, that’s right. Jennifer Aniston’s iconic haircut in the first few seasons of Friends is back in style.

Of course, some people are not as naturally gifted in the hair department as others. A quick and easy solution? Hair extensions!

The Wolf Cut

Long Hairstyles 2022, wolf cut

The “wolf cut” has taken over social media. While the name sounds intimidating, it’s essentially a modern version of the shag. More volume on the top and sides, with thinned-out ends.

This cut was recently popularized by Billie Eilish, who now sports a platinum blonde wolf cut. But beware, this is not a DIY haircut. We recommend seeing a professional stylist to get the perfect look.

The best part about this cut? It’s incredibly easy to maintain, making it one of the best haircuts for women on the go.

One of the Easiest Long Hairstyles for 2022? Bangs!

Long Hairstyles 2022, bangs

Bangs have been popular on and off for centuries, but this year there are so many options to choose from! Plus, you can maintain your length while still changing up your style.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance version, long wispy bangs are a great choice. Or if you want more of a drastic change, curtain bangs add structure to long hair and have a more retro feel.

Long Hairstyles 2022, Ready to Change Up Your Style?

Regardless of your taste, or the degree of change you want, there are so many trendy long hairstyles for 2022 to choose from.

Be it bangs, a wolf cut, sleek and smooth, or curly and bouncy, we are ready to help you get there! Contact The Public Image LTD Salon to schedule an appointment today.