Cute Anime Hairstyles for the Fashion-Forward Fan

The sensible stylist takes her fashion cues wherever she can find them, from film to television, to pop culture phenomena like Japanese anime. The genre’s ubiquitous outlandish hair designs can be a girl’s style goldmine when it comes to such animation—rearing to rock the alternative look of an anime heroine?

Go for one hairstyle that has worked its way well into the three-dimensional world of fabulous fashion: the “odango,” or pretty rounded bun. But first, let us explain what odango hair means for those who do not know.

Odango Hair

Odango is a specific hairstyle that is common to anime and manga heroines. The styling of hair into two buns at 45-degree angles on each side of the head provides a Mickey Mouse type of look.

Now let us go further and show you four different types.

Girlish Ponytail Odango

Although every girl is familiar with the hair bun, as it’s a regular fashion in many cultures, the typical anime odango style includes a cute ponytail version.

First, pull your hair back into one or two ponytails, high on your head. Next, wrap a large scrunchie around each ponytail, then spread the hair out so that it covers the scrunchie.

Next, wrap an elastic over the “bun” shape, then pull the loose hairpieces at the front of your head over the bun and around the elastic. Pin them at the back, letting the remainder hang down your neck.

Street Style Odango

One avant-garde version of the single odango features an off-kilter, exaggerated bun a girl can best pair with side-swept or asymmetrical bangs. To get this look, you’ll need hair that’s grown at least a little past your shoulders.

First, gather up your hair into a high side ponytail and wrap an elastic band around it. Tease out the ponytail with a comb to get as much volume as you can, then gently scoop the whole mess into a ball shape.

Next, wrap the ends of the hair around the bottom of the bun to secure it, then place a few bobby pins around the edges.

Braided Odango

Opt for texture in your odango style by starting with a beautiful braid.

Pull your hair into as many ponytails as you need, then do a basic braid on each ponytail.

Once you’ve got the braids secured with elastic bands, wind them around the ponytail elastics like you would a regular bun.

Tuck the end of the hair underneath the bun, then slide a few bobby pins into the sides of this style to hold it in place.

Ornamental Odango

Prefer a pretty look over those plain old odango buns? Take a tip from your favorite anime characters and dress up this hairstyle with some hot hair ornaments.

Slide a decorative comb underneath a bun, or clip on your best barrette. Loop a ribbon around each odango and tie it into a simple bow, or let those colorful ends swing

A girl can also get a style boost from beaded elastics, chopsticks, and even real flowers. Whatever you choose, your anime hairstyle is sure to be a happenin’ hit.

Are You Ready for Your Odango Hairstyle?

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