If you like to color your hair, you are not alone. Nearly 75 percent of women dye their hair at any given time. Most of those women say that coloring their hair gives them more self-confidence.

However, with all the confidence colored hair can give you, it can also do lasting damage to your hair. There are products that your stylist can use to strengthen your damaged hair and prevent it from breaking. One of those products is Olaplex. Many stylists enjoy using this new product because it gives their client’s hair strength and shine.

Want to learn more about Olaplex? We will be happy to talk to you about this amazing hair product.

What Exactly Does Olaplex Do?

According to stylists, there are many uses for Olaplex. First, you can use it to restore compromised or damaged hair. Stylists say treating a client’s hair with Olaplex means it’s in the best condition possible while they’re coloring it. This is especially true when a client wants a strong color change, such as blue, green, pink, or purple. In order for these colors to look really dramatic, often a stylist must bleach a client’s hair. Bleaching, especially if it occurs multiple times, can cause extensive damage to hair. Olaplex protects the hair during the bleaching process.

That is not the only thing that this product does. It helps to re-form the hair bonds that make hair healthy and strong. Often, the bleaching and coloring process damages the hair bonds. Constant chemical processes can fragment or break the hair bonds, which can weaken a person’s hair. Olaplex can increase the strength and shine of hair. It can also make hair healthier from the inside out.

The Olaplex Treatment

The Olaplex treatment is a three-step process. Each step has the active ingredient bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. It is this ingredient that repairs the bonds in your hair. The first step of the treatment uses the active ingredient in a water solution. In step one stylists apply it as part of the dye solution process for hair color. They can also add it into the bleaching process. The second step of the Olaplex treatment contains the same active ingredient, as well as other hair conditioners. Most stylists use Olaplex as part of the conditioning treatment after the coloring or bleaching process is complete. Clients can use the third step in the Olaplex treatment at home, or their stylists may complete the process in the salon. The third step continues to strengthen the bonds of the hair after the coloring process is complete.

Should I Use Olaplex?

Are you thinking, “Should I get an Olaplex treatment near me?” If yes, then there are several factors involved. First, if you color your hair regularly, you may want to ask your stylist about an Olaplex treatment. You might also want to consider getting an Olaplex treatment if you’ve noticed your treated hair is lifeless and dull. You may notice pieces of your hair have broken off as well. This means that the bonds holding your hair are weak and need attention. You may also want to get treatment if you bleach your hair frequently to get vivid color treatments. If you notice that your hair is damaged because of excessive heating and blow-drying, Olaplex can work for you.

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