Step into the spotlight with your hair; turn it into a unique canvas designed to turn heads and make a statement. Pulp Riot’s vibrant hair colors will let you become an artist for your hairstyle.

This brand – adored by industry professionals and color enthusiasts – offers an extraordinary spectrum of shades. Whether you want sophisticated, bold, or avant-garde, your match is waiting.

Our guide will introduce you to this fantastic brand and inspire you with ideas and recommendations for the perfect hair color.

What is Pulp Riot?

Pulp Riot breaks new ground in hair color. It’s an exciting brand created by top-tier health professionals. And it’s a brand characterized by a bright, vibrant, and diverse color range.

The pulp riot deep hair color range is semi-permanent shades with high intensity and resistance to fading. The collection of colors, including pulp riot vivids, will help you stand out from the crowd. You are presenting a look that’s anything but ordinary.

It extends far beyond traditional blonde and brunette shades. Instead, it’s a rainbow of personality: electric blues, deep violet, fiery orange. It sets the brand – and you – apart.

Exploring the Color Spectrum

Pulp Riot’s collection means you won’t have to compromise on a good-enough shade for your bright-colored hair. There are colors and shades to suit every style and taste.

If you want sophisticated dark shades, they have beautiful espresso browns. And for those hoping to reveal their inner red-head, a deep ruby to express passion and personality.

They have plenty to offer those wanting a more unconventional and edgy look. There is a sultry and trendy teal or a stylish and captivating grey-blue. All are designed to help you make a big impression.

But these colors are more than aesthetics. They are modern tools for self-expression, with as much impact as clothing and accessories.

How to Find the Perfect Vibrant Hair Colors for You

Choosing colorful hair requires as much planning as traditional shades. And like with classic blondes, brunettes, and reds, you must work harmoniously with your natural beauty.

The most important two characteristics are your hair type and skin tone.

If your natural hair type is light, you have a great starting point for a bright, neon hue. For naturally dark shades, try a color with the shimmer of a jeweled tone.

Cool skin tones and blue eyes also suit similar hair shades – including most shades of blue and purple. Warmer skin tones and dark hazel or brown eyes match reds and oranges.

You’ll want to consider your style and personality too. These bright shades are all about showcasing the real you, so be bold with your hair cut too.

Maintenance and Care for Your Pulp Riot Color

As with any semi-permanent hair color, you must commit to regular care to keep your new color looking beautiful.

Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, including a deep conditioner, occasionally. That will help preserve the color. Avoid too much heat styling, and wear a wide-brimmed sunhat on a hot day to protect your color from the sun.

Revamp Your Color Today

Pulp Riot’s vibrant hair colors offer a step forward for fashion – allowing you to reflect a unique style. Isn’t it time you let your hair do the talking?

Don’t wait any longer. Book an appointment with our fantastic team at the Public Image Salon today. Step out from your old color into a high-definition new you.

Suppose pulp riot deep, depth, vibrant hair colors are not for you. No worries, we have you covered with beautiful balayage hair colors and more. In addition, we cut and style. We are confident you will leave our salon looking and feeling amazing.