2020 Here We Come!

It’s fall here in New Jersey. That means we’re already looking forward to the New Year. And, with the New Year, comes new ’dos! We’re looking at the runways from the fall fashion shows of 2019 for inspiration.

Hair Color Trends

Red hair is back with a vengeance. There are always a few gingers for fashion week. And, all sorts of red hair color made an appearance at the shows. There were natural-looking redheads, but we also saw some striking, deeper shades of red. We also saw some amazing platinum blondes. Not the icy blonde, but that messy platinum blonde with darker roots, a la ’90s Madonna. In fact, the more unrealistic the platinum blonde looked, the more we saw it on the runways.

Darker Colors Stood Out

We also saw dark black hair in the mix. Black hair was the color for the winter. We loved the dark inky black hair we saw on some of the models. One model we saw was formerly a blonde, but we loved her with black hair. It made her blue eyes stand out.

In addition to the darkest black hair, we also saw a lot of bronde. This is a combination of blonde and brown. We saw lots of chocolate brown with some blonde pieces, and caramel colors paired with golden-blonde pieces as well. Speaking of chocolate brown, that color was also all-over the runways. Paired beautifully with brown eyes, it was an amazing look. We saw all shades of chocolate, from a lighter, milky chocolate brown to a complete cocoa brown.


One of our favorite trends moving into winter is the use of pastel shades along with natural color. We love the ice blue, pink, and light green trends we saw on the runway for the winter season. It seems the fashion designers were looking forward to the spring and decided to show off the soft pastel colors. Whatever the fashion designers were thinking, we are here for it. We saw pastels used as an all-over color. We also saw hints and touches of color mixed with natural hair tones.

New Hairstyles for 2020

Center Parts

In addition to color, we also saw a lot of new hairstyles on the runway. One of the most interesting trends for 2020 is the center part. This style has the hair parted in the middle. It also gives hair a lot of volume. We saw several styles that were deliberately messed and tousled with a center part. However, we also saw sleek hairstyles that parted at the center.

Deep Side Parts

There were a lot of deep side parts on the runways as well. The deep side part paired perfectly with the messy, curly styles we saw on many models. One of our favorite looks was a low-slung ponytail and a deep side part. Low-slung ponytails that are sleek and smooth were all over the runways. We love that look for women who are on the go but still want to look polished. Our favorite low-slung ponytail had metal chain wrappings to give it an edgy look.

Bobs, Lobs and Soft Waves

We don’t think the bobs and longer bobs, or lobs, will ever go of style. You can have these hairstyles style in many ways. That’s why we think it will be on-trend for years to come. For 2020, the look is soft, romantic waves. We saw many models with beautiful wavy hair. These styles are natural, and look effortless, which is perfect for many working women. Waves also work with any fashion sense, as they can be playful and sporty, classic or romantic.

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