A Safe Space For Everyone

Hi, I am Steve Perrette from Public Image LTD Salon.

I just wanted to give everyone a little insight into some of the changes we’ve been making here at The Public Image LTD Salon as we create a new salon environment following this horrible crisis.

Several years ago at Public Image, we designed a state-of-the-art keratin treatment station. This station was created so that when a client was serviced here, they would not be subjected to another client having their hair blow-dried or to the smell and odor of a keratin treatment. Two exhaust fans were installed to take the fumes outside of this environment, making the space cleaner and safer for both the client and the stylist.

Little did we know that today this would be a prototype design for what we’re ready to do here at our salon.

We are in the process of retrofitting our stations to create a safe space for all of our clients and staff members. We are also redesigning our color room. If you’re familiar with our color room, we’re redesigning from round tables to stations to make the area safer.

Following this pandemic, if you ask yourself what you can do to help Public Image open sooner, the answer is straightforward, stay home and practice not touching your face.

We all know that this is one thing that this virus has in common with many other viruses and how it enters your body. The entire staff from our salon are also putting this practice in place in their homes.

So, continue to wash your hands to stop the spread. As simple as that sounds, it is truly vital. That’s what it will take for all of us to get back to our normal lives.

As soon as Governer Murphy gives us the word to open, we will be so excited, until then, you can go online and schedule appointments as always 24/7 on our website, or you can call us at 973-633-0740 and leave a voice message.

You can also order products. We offer curbside delivery and pick-up on Wednesday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Again, we are in the process of making and creating a safer space for when clients come back to our beautiful salon and happy staff.

Please do your part by staying home, so when the Governor turns on the green light for us to reopen, our salon will be a safe place for all.

Best wishes to everyone, be well, and stay safe.