Easy On-The-Go Hairstyles for Short Hair

Did you know that the average American wakes up at 7:08 am?

From showering and applying makeup to dressing kids for school, many women have a long to-do list they accomplish every morning. Busy women love the freedom and instant style that short hair offers, but everyone has bad hair days sometimes.

Styling short hair can still feel like an overwhelming task when you’re trying to rush out the door. Are you pressed for time in the mornings? Looking for fast hairstyles and easy updos that will work for your short hair? 

Check out these simple on-the-go hairstyles for short hair! 

Fresh and Tousled

This hairstyle offers the quickest solution when you need to run out the door, and it works for any short hair length or texture! Give your sleepy, flattened hair a morning boost by spraying dry shampoo at the roots. Brush the dry shampoo through your hair, flip your head upside down and tousle with your fingers to add volume. 

Finish this fun look with a spritz of texturizing spray or some hair accessories, and you’ll be ready to conquer the day. 

On the Go Hairstyles for Short Hair, fresh and tousled

Elegant Low Bun

Need a look that will keep your short hair out of your face? Brush through your hair, then sweep it back to your neck’s nape. Use a hair elastic to create a low ponytail, loosen-up space in your hair, then flip the ponytail through itself into a twist. 

Wrap and pin any stray pieces until you have an elegant low bun. Finally, add a cute hair ribbon to your bun and loosen your bangs or a few face-framing pieces of hair. Polish off the look using a light coat of hairspray to tame any flyaways. 

On the Go Hairstyles for Short Hair, low bun

Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are one of the best easy hairstyles for short hair because your strands won’t escape throughout the day. Start this cute braided pigtail look by parting your hair down the middle. Grab a small section of one side at the front of your hairline, about an inch away from your middle part, and divide it into three strands. 

The key difference between a Dutch braid and other braids is that the strands cross under each other, not over. Before passing each strand under, add a small piece of hair from either side of the braid. Continue braiding down the back of your head to the nape of your neck, then secure it with an elastic and repeat on the other side. 

On the Go Hairstyles for Short Hair, double dutch braid

Half-Up with Tiny Braids

The half-up hairstyle is perfect for short hair that doesn’t quite reach a ponytail. Brush through your hair and spray the roots with dry shampoo to add a little life and volume. On both sides of your face, grab a small section of hair above your temple, create a simple braid, and secure it with an elastic. 

Sweep up the top half of your hair and the mini-braids on both sides and collect them into a ponytail. Ensure your cute braids stay visible as you tie the hair back with an elastic. Let the bottom half of your hair stay down by your shoulders, and give it a quick refresh with dry shampoo if needed. 

On the Go Hairstyles for Short Hair, half up with tiny braids

Update Your On-the-Go Hairstyles

Short hair shows off your natural beauty and projects confidence everywhere you go, but it can be challenging to tame in the mornings. Are you starting to feel bored with your on-the-go hairstyles? It could be time to treat yourself to a change!

Schedule your appointment with Public Image Ltd. to refresh your look and simplify your mornings!

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