What Is the Difference Between a Lob Haircut and a Bob Haircut?

If you’re updated on the latest cuts, you’ve probably heard of the lob. It’s a new twist off of the classic bob, and we’ve already seen celebrities sporting both styles this year.

So, is lob and bob the same? What is the difference between a lob haircut and a bob haircut?

Though these styles are similar, they have some differences that make a big difference in your everyday hair routine. Before you schedule your new summer cut, let’s go over each cut and which one is right for you.

What Is the Difference Between a Lob Haircut and a Bob Haircut?

The short answer: the length of the haircut. But let’s dive deeper into lobs and bobs before you make your final decision.

What Is a Bob?

A bob is a short haircut that reaches no longer than chin length. Usually, bobs will be cut in an A-line style, meaning that the hair is longer in the front and shorter in the back. 

Advantages of a bob:

  • Plenty of room to grow
  • More volume for fine hair
  • Potential to grow into a lob
  • Extra emphasis on your jawline

It’s low-maintenance and stylish. 

Should I Get a Bob or a Lob?

What Is a Lob?

A lob is a longer haircut than the classic bob, combining “long” and “bob”. The length is usually between chin length and the collarbone, so it’s a fun medium-length haircut option. 

Advantages of a lob:

  • Weighed down and less frizzy for thick hair
  • Fits into a ponytail/bun
  • More opportunities for textured cuts and styles
  • Complements long face shapes

It requires a little more maintenance than a bob, but a fashionable pick nonetheless. 

Should I Get a Bob or a Lob?

Why You Should Choose a Bob

You should go with the classic bob if you’re looking for a dramatic haircut this season. The bob goes short, which can be an exciting change from a lengthy style.

While you can have some variety with bobs, this haircut is usually styled straight or lightly waved.

If you like big curls or have thick, fluffy hair, approach the bob with caution since there’s less weight keeping them down. That said, expert hairstylists know some tricks to cut thick hair into a cute, curly bob.

Bobs are rarely out of style, so your hair will never look outdated. Celebrities like Keira Knightly and Lucy Hale are well-known for their iconic bob looks.

Why You Should Choose a Lob

You should choose the lob if you want to keep some length to your hair. Many people love having ponytails as an option, and you can usually keep ponytails on the table with this cut. 

Lobs also give you more hair and weight to work with, so the experimental stylist may prefer the versatility of a fun lob. You could say it’s the best of both worlds, sporting the beautiful bob look without sacrificing so much length.

Lobs haven’t always been staple cuts, but many people love them and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Tessa Thompson have debuted fun and inspirational lobs this year.

Bobs vs Lobs: Scheduling Your Hair Salon Appointment

What is the difference between a lob haircut and a bob haircut? Will you choose a bob or a lob?

Remember that length is the key difference, and you’ll be ready for your new haircut. Whether you go short and bold or long and textured, you’ll feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. 

Now that you know the basics, it’s time for a trip to the salon. Our expert hairstylists can give you the perfect cut and style, so schedule your appointment today.