Every so often, we look in the mirror and see dull and tired skin. Maybe it’s been a few weeks since our last facial or we’ve been lacking the proper rest. So many factors affect your skin, and eventually the cells build up. If you’re ready for a skin pick me up, the Skin Refresh facial is the one for you!

The Skin Refresh facial is 30 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to relax and let me improve your skin. We start with a double cleanse and some steam to open up the pores and prepare them for product. The focus of my time is exfoliating the skin for a healthier and brighter complexion. I will also perform a relaxing massage that promotes lymphatic drainage and toning. After the massage, I will use a regimen of products specific to your skin type. I hydrate the under eyes, lips, and face based on your personal needs. Look forward to leaving with your skin balanced and refreshed!

If you’re ready to give your skin the love it needs, always feel free to make an appointment with me at Public Image!

Stay glowing,

Xx Alyssa

Limited Time Offer – expires 5/25/19