Losing Hair?

Solving hair loss problems for men continues to be on the minds of many. Scientists still haven’t figured out the exact solution for male baldness. However, a few ways have been found to help slow down the process.

Experts say that at least 85% of men suffer from severe hair thinning when they reach the golden age of 50. But others start losing their hair even before they reach the age of 21. Fortunately, several options are available to help keep baldness at bay.

Preventing Further Hair Loss & Treatments

Several products and medications are currently available to help combat hair loss problems for men.

Finasteride, better known as Propecia, has been known to lower the hormones that shrink your follicles. Some believe taking this pill can help reduce hair loss by 88% and promote hair regrowth by at least 66%. (please note; before taking any medications, you must first consult with your doctor)

However, like most special medications, you will need to get a prescription from your doctor to purchase finasteride. It is prescribed in a tablet form and usually is taken once a day around the same time. You need to take it every day until you see the results, which can take up to three months, and if not, you should see results within twelve months of treatment. It is not recommended to stop within twelve months since any hair growth will likely be lost during that period.

KMS Head Remedy
Meanwhile, we recommend KMS Head Remedy. It is a deep cleaning shampooing purifiant. It is an excellent alternative for all types of hair. It is gentle for everyday use and removes buildup from hair products, hard water, and pollutants. The ingredients are an AHA structure complex, comprising lactic and malic acid, which supports internal reconstruction, polyquaternium-10 that evens out the hair surface, and tetrasodium EDTA, a chelating agent. Now to get your hair clean and healthy-looking just lather, rinse and repeat as needed.

Flattering Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

Are you stressing over thinning hair? Do not worry; you are not alone. Several hairstyles can make your hair look thicker and richer.

Solving Hair Loss Problems For Men

The pompadour hairstyle with an undercut can make your mane appear thick. It fades on the back and sides, which is an excellent option for men with thin hair.

Stylish Side-Sweep
Choosing a stylish side-swept hairstyle will give a more laidback look. It’s a fun hairstyle that gives your crowning glory a sense of fullness. Thus, creating asymmetry on both sides of your head

Spiky Side-Sweep
If you’re not afraid to grab some attention, then a spiky side-swept hairstyle is right for you. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you’ll also create an illusion of more volume on the top of your head. You can put a tinge of gel or wax to style it up.

Thinning and hair loss problems for men is common. But if managed correctly, the effects can be slowed and or halted.

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