It’s finally Spring, we made it! Now it’s time to get our skin as happy as this weather makes us feel. I’m going to reveal to you two essential steps that will give you fresh, glowing skin for the season. I’ll also be breaking down which Dermalogica products you can use to achieve these goals based on your skin type.

Step 1- exfoliate! The winter takes a huge toll on our skin. Between the cold outdoors and the dry heat from inside, the top layer of our skin is begging to break free! Removing that dry, flaky layer will help all of the other products you use to penetrate deeper and benefit your skin further.

For any skin type, I would recommend Daily Microfoliant. With a rice powder base and papain as the highlighted enzyme, this product will smooth all skin types. This product can be mixed in with your cleanser, or just mixed with water for a more concentrated exfoliation. Skin needing a little bit more umph or a more mature skin type can opt for Daily Superfoliant. Lactic acid and charcoal are two ingredients that will increase cell turnover and draw impurities from the skin. This product should only be used with water, not mixed into anything else, for glowing results.

Pro tip: Come in for our Skin Refresh 30 minute facial so I can do the work for you!

Two essential steps that will give you fresh, glowing skin for the season

    Step 2- SPF. Yes, even if you’re not at the beach those harmful rays will get to your skin. As the sun gets stronger in this weather, SPF is especially important in our daily routine. This step is anti-aging which means it helps to prevent wrinkles and sun spots. Wouldn’t you rather save money on expensive treatments later by taking care of your skin now?

    Any skin type can use Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster. It’s not a moisturizer, but concentrated SPF 50 and vitamins C and E. You can mix this into any moisturizer for your daily dose of sun protection. Oily skin should consider mixing this into Active Moist, while normal to combo skin can mix it into Skin Smoothing Cream, and dry skin into Intensive Moisture Balance.

    Protecting your skin is showing it love! Follow these steps to kick off your spring skincare routine and always feel free to stop into Public Image and see me if you have any questions!

xx Alyssa

Stay glowing,