Square face shapes can be striking when framed by a flattering hairstyle. Pick the wrong style, though, and your face will appear large rather than beautiful and full of strength. While there is no definitive style you should choose, bearing certain factors in mind will ensure you show the beauty in your face with the right hairdo.

Know the Effects of a Blunt Fringe

There are no guidelines you must follow to look terrific, but it’s wise to understand how adopting certain styles will influence your appearance. Blunt fringes, also known as bangs, can look harsh. However, they also look bold and highlight individuality.

Square faces are already dynamic in appearance, as they have an angular outline. If you opt for a straight fringe, your chiseled jaw will be prominent and your features highlighted. Blunt bangs particularly suit people who enjoy rockabilly style fashion and ’50s flare. If, however, you want to soften your features, you might prefer the following hairstyle.

Side Bangs

You will look and feel great with side bangs if you want to take the edge off the sharp presence of your jawline. If you like a soft feminine appearance, side-swept bangs will appeal, but the impact they make will depend on their length. Long side bangs can hang over the edge of your jawline, hiding it in the process and making your face appear slim. A side fringe ending just above your eyebrows won’t hide your jawline but will draw observer’s eyes upward toward your eyes, away from your face shape.

Bob Haircut

A stylish bob hairstyle will flatter your face, and once again, how long it is will alter its impact on your appearance. A bob ending at, or slightly above your jawline will highlight your distinctiveness and produce a resilient, confident look. A bob ending just below your jawline will make your face look slim. Bobs are eye-catching, tidy, and suit professionals and bohemian, creative individuals.

Long Layered Haircut

Long layered hairstyles enhance square face shapes and encourage onlooker’s vision down the length of the hair. Layers give hair body, which is more flattering for full faces than sleek, straight hair. Also, long layers that start below the jawline balance the breadth of the face.

If your face is square-shaped you must know that some styles will look better than others. The best way to discover what is right for you is to let the hairstylists at Public Image LTD the Salon help you. We can provide you with the best short haircuts for square faces as well as long haircuts. Do you have fine hair? Do not worry. We know the best hairstyles for square faces with fine hair. Is your age under 30 or perhaps over, like 50, 60 and older? No matter what your age is we will help you to look beautiful. We are confident when you leave our salon you will look and feel great.