2020 Defining Makeup Trends

2020 is the year for change. And the reason it’s earmarked for change is that something spectacular is going to happen to women all across the globe. They’re going to start accepting themselves as they are and embracing their inner beauty. 

As we learn to glow from the inside, it’s fun to pair our confidence with a few runway looks. We’ve had a lot of fun scanning the blogs and picking our favorite makeup trends for 2020. These new beauty trends, we hope, will set you up for one of your most transformative years yet. Let’s talk, shall we? 

A Little Glitter Liner

In 2020, glitter won’t be just for the glistening nights out on the town. We’re seeing a bit of a glitter revolution on the horizon, and it’ll be appropriate for everyday wear. 

Of course, the goal here is subtlety. Just dot a little white glitter on your upper and lower lash line, pump up the volume with your favorite mascara, and let your smile do all the rest. 

As you stroll through Ulta or Sephora, you won’t be hard-pressed to find glitter eyeliner. It tends to come in tubes that look a bit like a lip gloss with a thin applicator. Line those lashes, pop on the mascara, and go out there and get ’em. 

An Ode to Orange

Orange, you say? Wait! Don’t cringe. We’re talking about a gorgeous red-toned blood orange. If you take a subtle swipe to your eyelids and cheeks with the same shadow, you’ll have a nice, uniform bit of vibrancy that will go well with a gorgeous red, evening look. 

A Bit of Brown

Do you see where we’re going with 2020 trends? They’re a little outside the box. We’re seeing a lot of brown lipsticks coming in, along with those gorgeous blood orange tones. To stay on point with this trend, though, we recommend a brown lipstick with a wine undertone.

Single Shadows

Did you love that blood orange trick? Use the same shadow for your lids and cheeks? Well, you want to go that route with blood orange because it’s so bold, but that technique is also on trend with another 2020 trend. 

Single shadows are hitting the scene and many women are sighing deep sighs of relief. Every day doesn’t call for a smoky, blended eye. Rather, you can take one bright color – whether that’s teal, purple, or, ahem, blood orange – and do the one and done. Seal the deal with some lashes, a little glitter liner, and you’re good to go. 

A Glossy Glow

Of course, in the midst of all this, there’s a theme that’s on-trend for 2020, one that should remain a lifelong goal – glowy skin. Soft, dewy skin will never be anything less than stunning. And the secret to this is a sound investment in a good moisturizer

After you moisturize, apply your foundation and finish off with a gorgeous bit of highlighting. The end result is dewy skin that will always look light, refreshing, and keep us aglow. 

2020 Makeup Trends You’ll Love

While 2020 is coming in with a bang, these are some of our favorite makeup trends that we can’t wait to see. (How many times were we able to cite blood orange. Are we excited much?) 

We love the boldness that 2020 is bringing, and we hope to see you stepping out in your own beauty, too. Here at our makeup lounge, that’s what we’re all about. And you can also earn rewards as well. What can be better than that?

Whether you’re on-trend with Vogue or on-trend with your own personal style, we’re here to help you glow. Contact Public Image LTD Salon today to set up your first appointment! We can’t wait to see you shine. 

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