We all lust after luscious salon-finished locks. But have you ever thought about whether that finished look is boosting the health of your hair?

It is possible to enjoy hair that looks great and improves your hair health. The solution is deep conditioning.

This guide will introduce you to the best deep conditioning treatments we offer at Public Image. We’ll also share some tips about why deep conditioning is essential and how to make it part of your routine.

Why Use a Deep Conditioner?

If glossy, soft hair is the goal, deep conditioning is the solution. It’s a vital part of hair care to get that quality feel to your strands.

A deep conditioner will infuse your hair with rich, nourishing ingredients, improving elasticity and shine. Plus, it helps to repair damage to help you achieve that silky finish.

How Often You Should Deep Condition Your Hair

Regularly deep conditioning your hair can help improve overall hair health. You’ll see stronger, softer, and more lustrous locks.

How frequently you do this depends on your hair type and the damage. Ideally, you should condition your hair weekly with a deep conditioning hair mask to maintain that beautiful, fashion cover-star level of shine.

The Best Deep Conditioning Treatments

At Public Image, we offer three types of deep conditioning treatments. Here’s what you need to know:

Instant Serum

We offer a salon-level Instant Serum deep conditioning treatment. It’s a luxurious treatment designed to rejuvenate and replenish your hair. The formula includes a powerful blend of nutrients that boost hydration.

The formula repairs damaged hair and improve overall strength. This serum will also help you get that smooth, shiny finish if you have frizzy hair. It’s also a fantastic detangler, making your styling routine easier.

Deep Conditioning

Our salon offers professional-grade Deep Conditioning hair therapy to nourish your strands. This treatment, applied by experienced stylists, will ensure each lock has a complete conditioning treatment to penetrate deeply into the hair.

The result? More strength, elasticity, and shine. It will also protect the hair and repair existing damage.

The smoothing quality of the treatment will reduce frizz and detangle the hair, leaving you with that high-shine finish. Your hair will feel softer and will be easier to maintain.


Olaplex is a revolutionary salon treatment with a fantastic reputation – and for a good reason.

It targets the hair bonds to repair, strengthen and protect. It’s an innovative formula powerful enough to work on the most damaged, chemically-processed hair.

Olaplex rebuilds the hair from the inside out. It repairs broken bonds, and that gives you healthier-looking locks. It will add shine and smoothness, and it will reduce frizz. Olaplex is a good choice for color-treated hair as it will help your color last longer.

Keeping Your Beautiful Hair in Great Condition

The best deep conditioning treatments do much more than make your hair look beautiful. They work hard behind the scenes to give your hair strength and vitality. So you always have that salon look even when styling at home.

Are you ready to book your treatment? Head to Public Image The Salon’s booking page and choose from our three top treatments. Let’s put the shine back into your strands!