2022 Hot Hair Color Trends

Want to learn the new 2022 hair color trends for the upcoming year? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. 

It’s always fun to shake up your look at the beginning of a new year. And 2022 has a lot of beautiful hair colors in store that you might want to try. Hint: nothing too crazy, except for lilac! 

Keep reading to learn the hottest 2022 hair color trends. 

Peach Blonde

The Hottest 2022 Hair Color Trends, peach color hair

Strawberry blonde is out. Now, enter peach blonde! 

Peach hair can come in many different shades, one of them being peach blonde. This color has a blonde base with an orange tint to it that looks super glamorous. It’s the perfect shade if you’re looking for a pop of color that isn’t overbearing. 

Mushroom Brown  

The Hottest 2022 Hair Color Trends, Mushroom Color Hair

You’ll be happy to know the color mushroom brown is a lot more appealing than it sounds. 

This look consists of a medium brown base color with subtle grey highlights (like a mushroom). But if you want a lighter version of this, you can start with a light brown base color and do blonde highlights. 

Inky Black

The Hottest 2022 Hair Color Trends, inky black hair

Inky black hair takes regular black hair to the next level. This color has a deep black base color with a hint of blue coloring. It’ll make you feel elegant and look super sleek. 

Pro tip: this is the perfect hair color for winter 2022! 

Caramel Balayage 

The Hottest 2022 Hair Color Trends, Caramel Balayage

If you don’t like getting root touch-ups every month, consider getting a balayage! Balayage means to sweep, and the technique involves sweeping color into the hair instead of using foils. 

The caramel balayage starts with a medium brown base and incorporates sweeps of rich caramel colors. If you get this one, you’ll look like you just sat out in the sun for a few hours. 

Blonde Balayage 

The Hottest 2022 Hair Color Trends, blonde balayage

If the caramel balayage isn’t for you, try getting a blonde balayage. This look starts with a light brown base color and sweeps in blonde highlights. It’s the perfect way to go blonde without completely dying your hair blonde.  

Pro tip: this look is most effective if you have long hair


The Hottest 2022 Hair Color Trends, Lilac Hair

Calling all lilac lovers! This one’s for you. 

Lilac hair is one of the best hair trends right now and is the perfect shade for anyone who wants a striking color. It can be a challenge to maintain and requires a lot of attention, but it’s totally worth the work.  

Pro tip: use a violet-based shampoo to keep that color vibrant. 

Did You Love Those 2022 Hair Color Trends? 

All these 2022 hair color trends are stunning. So whether you go with a cute peachy blonde or a bold lilac, rock your new look with confidence. Just make sure you get it done at a salon so you can get the color you desire! 

If you want your hair color to be on trend this year, book an appointment now for a haircut and color with the Public Image LTD Salon.