Styling Fine Hair Tips – The Long & Short Of It

If you have very fine hair, you’ve probably had to deal with limp waves and flat bangs. Even if you prefer your natural texture most of the time, occasionally, you may want to experiment with a style characterized by more volume and texture. Styling fine hair can be rewarding when done correctly.

But the main problem? Lift at your roots and body throughout fine hair may seem impossible to achieve (and maintain). There are ways to add volume to long and short fine hair with the right tools and products.

Fine Hair Problems

Both people with long fine hair and short fine hair face the same styling and maintenance challenges.

Oil is a common problem with delicate hair. The finer the hair, the greasier it tends to be. Because of the smaller diameter of the hair strand and the fact that it is usually smooth, natural hair oils deposit themselves on top. Too much product can stick to the hair as well.

Additionally, fine hair is less lively and tends to look flat. The hair may resist curling or holding its shape even with extreme heat.

Caring for Fine Hair

Haircare plays an essential role in not only its appearance but also its health. Also, in the way it handles styling.

The key to great hair starts with the way you wash it, and choosing the right shampoo is essential. Choosing a shampoo such as KMS Headremedy Deep Cleanse is specially formulated for all types of hair. It deeply cleanses and eliminates build-up from products, pollutants and minerals in the water and helps with volume because it clarifies the scalp.

For fine hair, following up with the lightweight KMS conditioner is ideal. You should only apply it to the ends of hair, not the roots. Dry shampoo can also add volume to the hair roots if you want to skip washing your hair altogether.

Styling Tips

Use products that are lightweight but add volume and texture. We have mentioned above the KMS Headremedy Deep Cleanse, which is a perfect shampoo for fine hair. Additionally, we recommend the Goldwell product line of; Ultra Volume shampoo, conditioner and Top Whip volume mouse, which are all great for clients who want more volume. Finally, Wow by Colorworld has a bombshell volumizer which is excellent for adding volume as well.

Another tip for styling fine hair and adding volume is in how the product is applied. Avoid the roots if it’s not a root volumizer. Unnecessary products at the root can weigh fine hair down. You should also pay attention to the ends of your hair since these absorb more product than the roots.

Using layered hairstyles is another way to give fine hair volume. A shorter hairstyle prevents the hair from having much weight. For longer hair, consider a layered style that frames the face. You can apply dry shampoo to bangs to add texture and prevent them from looking dull.

How To Style Fine Hair With Tools

You want to use hair styling tools meant for the texture of fine hair. With surface technologies, curling wands, flat irons, and curling irons can make a big difference to hair health and body. In many styling irons, ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, or titanium surfaces reduce heat damage.

If you have fine hair, avoid using high-heat settings for styling tools. Instead, those with fine hair should style at a medium temperature setting. On the other hand, if the temperature setting is too low, the fine hairstyle will not hold as long.

Long or Short? Get Help Styling Your Fine Hair Today

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