Guide to Highlights for Brown Hair

Highlighting brown hair looks best when done professionally; however, many of us take a look in the mirror and suddenly rush to the nearest store to buy that box of hair dye. Not a good idea! If you have brown hair, that hair dye box might seem the only option at the moment. Knowing a great salon can schedule you an appointment quickly. And what is even better is that you can do any shade you would like without damaging your hair.

Below we list a few tips so you can get an idea and help you decide on the particular shade you may want. And remember, as we mentioned earlier, you know, that great salon near you. With expert knowledge and experience, their professional hair colorists will further discuss what you want and what will look best.

Dark Brown Hair

You can liven up chocolate-brown and chestnut tresses with auburn, bright gold or dark golden-blond highlights. For a subtler effect, add rich golden-brown tones. You can even add pretty shades to deep brunette and darkest brown hair with honey blond or copper tints. Rich chocolate or maroon highlights will create a more subdued aspect.

Medium Brown Hair

When coloring medium brown hair, look at the natural undertones so that you can play them up. Bring out the golden traces with light golden-blond highlights. You can also use strawberry-blond golden shades unless you have a ruddy skin tone. When your hair lacks golden tinges, you can add ash-blond highlights.

Light Brown Hair

If you have light brown hair, you’re in luck because it allows you to go bold. Try adding reddish-blond for the best effect, or add blond highlights. When natural hair has a light ashy tone, it will look good with ashy blond or silvery gray highlights.

Auburn Hair

Any reddish highlights will enhance the tones in auburn hair. For a bold look, add fiery red or copper tones. If you want a subdued but striking effect, use golden or strawberry-blond nuances.

Highlighting Brown Hair Things To Think About

When highlighting brown hair, It’s essential to know that highlights should contrast the skin tone but match the existing hair. When you want to add a significant amount of them, they should flatter the eye color too. Regardless, if you have never had highlights, it’s a good idea to start with a smaller amount of highlights first.

What About That Great Salon?

Remember earlier in this article, “Guide and Tips for Highlighting Brown Hair,” we mentioned knowing a great salon? Do you know of one? Perhaps you do, but if you do not, well then, get in touch with The Public Image Salon, LTD in Wayne, NJ in Passaic County. We would love to be that great salon.

We are confident once you visit our salon and let one of our expert hair colorists highlight your brown hair or any other color hair, you will be delightfully pleased.

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