How Should I Wear My Hair For New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is a great time to debut a new look. A fresh hairstyle can symbolize your hopes for the upcoming year and allow you to shift gears physically and mentally. Or it can be a fun treat to celebrate the holidays. Either way, you have loads of fabulous options at your disposal. Make a shortlist of your favorites so your stylist can advise you and help you settle on a winner.


Bobs are super versatile and work well with different hair textures. We love a good bob here at Public Image. Some iteration of this classic style always seems to be in fashion, whether it’s a blunt bob, an A-line bob, or one with bangs. Going shorter feels freeing too, and that’s exactly what you want at an NYE party. Not in the mood to commit? Go faux.

90s Layers

Butterfly clips, headband combs, and claws are making a nostalgic comeback, but the 90s layers never really went away. Who doesn’t love some face-framing pieces à la Rachel from ‘Friends‘, or some choppy layers in a lob? With a couple of modern tweaks, layers fit right into this decade and could be just the change you need regardless of whether your hair is thick or thin.


Mullets and shags are having a moment but undercuts and tapered fades still lead the way when it comes to edgier styles. An awesome unisex trend today, the undercut was popular with men during the first half of the 21st century. Buzz the sides and back of your hair short and keep the top long, and the contrast creates a truly memorable aesthetic.

Fulani Braids

These braids look stunning in a chic bun or embellished with beads or cowrie shells. Beach party, anyone? You can play around with your length, ends, and color, or work a few braids into an afro. The final look can be understated and elegant or bold and regal.

Pops of Color

Visiting your colorist doesn’t have to mean committing to a high-maintenance style. You can do an ombre or balayage with as little or as much drama as you’d like. The key to easy upkeep is leaving your roots as close to your own color as possible. Work pastels or bright rainbow hues into your mane, or keep it au naturel with subtle shades that still manage to give your locks the NYE makeover you crave.

New Year, New Dooo 

Trendy Hairstyles To Try Out This New Year’s Eve

Go Out In Style This New Year’s Eve

Your December hair choices can start the new year off on the right note. The trendy style you choose could go one of many routes, but it should always be flattering. That’s where the professionals can be of assistance.

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