Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for The Retro-Loving Bride

You yearn to walk down the aisle, a vision of grace and elegance, your hair echoing the glamour of yesteryears. Welcome, retro-loving brides, to your ultimate guide to vintage wedding hairstyles.

Here, we’re blending the charm of the past with the spirit of the present, offering a nostalgic nod to the elegance of the styles that graced the heads of the most iconic beauties of bygone eras.

We’ve got you covered, with stunning vintage wedding hairstyles, from shoulder-length waves reminiscent of silver screen sirens to the bohemian allure of hippy waves.

Let’s begin with our vintage wedding hairstyles for retro-loving brides and discover the perfect hairstyle to make your big day as timeless as your love.

Retro Hollywood Glamour: Shoulder-Length Waves

Add a touch of Hollywood-style glamour to your vintage wedding by following in the footsteps of some of its most iconic stars. Think Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall for this perfect face-framing look. It’s sophisticated and elegant.

To achieve this style, start with a deep side parting. You’ll need hot rollers to create those beautiful soft, flowing waves. So it’s worth asking a professional if you want to master this look.

Do you have a heart-shaped face? You’re in luck – it’s the perfect shape for this hairstyle. And you can finish the style with a pearl-encrusted hair comb or a delicate birdcage veil for that classic bridal beauty.

Femme Fatale: Long, Luscious Waves

Perhaps you secretly aspire to walk the aisle as a classic femme fatale, with thick, long, luscious locks tumbling down your shoulders. It’s undoubtedly perfect for that vintage vibe and will stop everyone in their tracks.

Achieve this look by using a large barrel curling iron. Use plenty of styling products to get those voluminous, cascading curls.

The timeless appeal of this style speaks volumes about elegance and sensuality. Accessorize your wedding hair with a jeweled vine intertwined in the waves or a vintage-inspired headband.

This look will elevate your bridal aura, making your special day unforgettable, and give you some dramatic and stunning wedding photography.

Parisian-Inspired Vintage: The Chignon

The chignon is a stylish updo with roots that go back centuries. But the word chignon is more recent – French for the nape of the neck. This style is the perfect chic wedding look for an air of Parisian elegance.

This hair-do works best with mid-length or long hair. And it involves twisting and pinning your tresses into a stylish low bun at the nape.

To add a bridal touch, nestle a sparkling hairpin or floral arrangement into the bun. For a more traditional style, drape it with a lace mantilla veil.

The sophisticated chignon will bring your special day retro romance. And with some soft, understated makeup, your swept-back hair will genuinely make you the belle of the ball.

Groovy 60’s Wedding Fashion: the Beehive

Are you after a vintage wedding with an iconic look? Then take your time machine back to the swinging sixties. The fabulous beehive is bold yet timeless. And it’s sure to make a statement.

Here are some suggestions for incorporating this hair look into your wedding. Pin the hair high for a truly fashion-centered look. However, add some loose tendrils for a softer, more romantic finish.

For those looking for glamour, tiaras look stunning with this hair up-do. Or you could add a veil for a vintage feel. If you plan on a 60’s wedding style, you’ll want a dress and makeup to complement.

A-line short dresses, pastel lips, and winged eyeliner will have you looking like a sixties fashion model.

Adorable and Sweet: 1950s Ponytail With Bangs

We have the perfect option if you want a sweet style that accentuates your features.

A charming choice for a 1950s-themed wedding is the classic ponytail. You’ll need to add plenty of volume to get the authentic retro look for that “swish” effect.

Start by curling the hair to add shame, and use rollers to create those distinctive bangs that frame the face. Think Sandy in Grease (before the makeover).

You can elevate this look by adding a satin ribbon or a few pearls in the form of a vintage hairpin. This hairstyle is effortlessly chic and is the perfect option if you want a vintage look that still feels contemporary.

The Flapper Bob: Vintage Hair With a 1920’s Twist

Women who dared to go short in the 1920s made more than a fashion statement. It was a bolder statement about what it meant to be a woman. So with your wedding planning, why not pay homage to your feminist ancestors with this iconic look?

This look involves a clean, blunt cut, typically at chin-length, with added waves for a touch of romance. To achieve this, use a curling iron to create those slick Marcel waves, a distinct era style.

Add a sparkling Art Deco-inspired headband or a delicate feather fascinator to transform this into a bridal look. This wedding style is a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. It’s ideal for the fashion-forward bride.

Boho Beauty: Romantic Long 1970s Waves

Vintage wedding hairstyles don’t have to be all glitz and glamour. If you are looking for a retro look that’s more relaxed, why not get inspired by the hippie looks of the 1970s?

The most romantic style, of course, is the long boho waves reminiscent of girls wearing long maxi dresses and flowers in their hair.

This relaxed style uses a wide-barrel curling iron or braiding damp hair overnight to create loose, natural waves. For the perfect bridal touch, adorn your tresses with a floral crown, or weave a vintage-inspired ribbon through the waves.

This look embodies the free-spirited charm of the era, making it an ideal choice for an outdoor or beach wedding, harmonizing beautifully with a flowing, ethereal bridal gown.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Retro-Loving Brides

In the world of vintage wedding hairstyles, the past offers a wealth of inspiration for retro-loving brides. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of a chignon or the carefree charm of bohemian waves, there’s a vintage style waiting to be discovered by you.

Ready to find your perfect look? We invite you to book a consultation with Public Image Salon to discuss vintage wedding hairstyles and other wedding hair options. Our stylist will help you weave the magic of nostalgia into an unforgettable wedding day.