It’s been said that Happiness is when “what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Today, Monday, June 22, 2020, is a the long-awaited day of Happiness for all of us here at Public Image, because today all three feelings are in true harmony. 

As creative artists of hair, there are no words to describe how much we have missed styling. Think of Leonardo DE Vinci trying to express himself and not having a single canvas for 90 days. We are beyond excited to put scissors in hand, color bowl & brush and start creating our daily masterpieces once again. 

We have missed our guests so much and feel tremendous sorrow for those affected by this horrible Coronavirus. Our relationship with our clients goes far beyond just cut, color & style. 

Each day our staff and clients have beautiful conversations by sharing the most wonderful moments in their lives. It is often said that the relationship between a hairstylist and their client is far greater than a patient with their doctor. At Public Image LTD the Salon, long-lasting relationships are built minute by minute while all of our clients became part of our happy family.

But now it is time for us to reopen, and we are certainly ready. For existing clients, we are going to be so happy to see you again and catch up on what’s been happening in your lives. And for all new clients, we welcome you with open arms and would love for you to join our large happy family. Take a look below to learn more about us and what we have been doing.

We have taken all of the necessary steps to follow the guidelines needed to keep our salon a safe environment. Feel free to browse here to see the safety protocols we have put in place.

We are continuing to provide the services that make us one of the best salons in the area. Our excellent staff and their fantastic work have resulted in us being a seven-time recipient of the Wayne Magazines annual Readers Choice Awards for “Favorite Salon.” Also, because of our continued client’s support over the years, we have been afforded the opportunity to help many national charitable organizations, which we are eager to start up again as soon as possible.

So, get in touch to set up your next appointment. Our hairstylists are ready to bring your quarantined hair back to life with an amazing stress-reducing shampoo, conditioning, and style. A color treatment may be what you need, after all, being home for three months will do it, We can help you decide between going classic or going more intense. And for so many who many need the protein put back in their hair to eliminate frizz, add softness and shine, a keratin treatment can be scheduled.

Has quarantine made your skin feel dry? Take advantage of our excellent skin care services. Let us deep cleanse your pores, exfoliate the dead skin cells and hydrate your skin again for residual antioxidant protection. 

Back to your usual busy schedule? No worries. Our Blow Dry Bar is ready again to transform your hair in just 30 minutes. From a straight blowout for work to a sexy beach wave for the weekend: short, long, curly, or straight hair, no problem. Let’s do it!

 Ready, Set? We Are!