You may have heard of the term “eyelash lift” or “eyelash tint.” There’s a lot of information and buzz out there about the lash lift and tint process. You’re excited to try it, especially if you crave lush eyelashes. So, you probably have questions about the process. Here is all the information you need about lash lifts and tints right here.

What Is a Lash Lift and Tint?

People have described lash lifts as a perm for eyelashes. Some have described it as curling your eyelashes with a really strong industrial-strength curler. The treatment lasts for weeks and can give your eyelashes a beautiful curl you can’t get with traditional curlers. Lash lifts are often combined with lash tinting. If you tint your lashes, you are coloring them a deeper color. This achieves a mascara effect without mascara.

How Does a Lash Lift and Tint Happen?

An eyelash technician will separate your lashes. Then, the technician will glue your lashes to a silicone pad and apply lotion. Each of the three lotions sits on your eye for 10 minutes. For most people, the treatment process takes about a half-hour but, sometimes, it can take up to an hour. You can also choose to have your eyelashes tinted at the same time. In the tinting process, the technician will paint your eyelashes a darker color. This will add a little extra time to the process.

You might be wondering how long does lash lift and tint last? For most women, an eyelash lift and tint can last from two to three months. It depends on how quickly your lashes grow out, and how often you replace them. You may also be wondering, “Is a lash lift and tint worth it?” That answer depends on your own personal preferences. There are ways you can make your lash lift and tint last longer. You can use eyelash growth serum, which would mean you could go longer between lift and tint appointments.

What Should I Think About Before I Get One?

There are several things you need to consider before you think about getting a lash lift or tint. First, ask your salon to show you pictures of a lash lift before and after treatment. That way, you can see if the treatment will achieve the effect you wanted. Also, if you have sensitivities to chemicals, this treatment might not be for you. You may want to think about alternatives.

Are you thinking about getting lash extensions instead of a lift and tint? You need to compare the cost of a lash extension and the cost of a lash lift and tint. For some people, lash extensions make more sense than a lift and tint. However, lash lifts and tints are less expensive than lash extensions, and they last longer. Another consideration for you might be the upkeep of lashes and extensions versus a lash lift and tint. Eyelash extensions require constant upkeep, while lash lifts and tints don’t.

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