There are plenty of myths surrounding hair color. You may have heard the expressions “dumb blonde” or “fiery redhead” describe women who have either blonde or red hair.

Does hair color affect your personality? We discuss hair color psychology below. Who knows? Reading about other hair colors might convince you to give your own color a tweak!

How Does Your Hair Get Its Color?

You may know your hair color, along with your skin color and eye color, is genetic. The formation of hair color is similar to the formation of skin color. It depends on melanin. The roots of the hair are where you will find melanin being made Two types of melanin combine in different ratios to create a hair color that’s unique to you. You may have close to the same hair color as your mom or dad, for example. Or, you could also get the color of your hair from your grandparents.

If You Have Red Hair …

That myth about red-headed women with fiery tempers may have started in Germany. Centuries ago, people associated women with red hair and green eyes with witchcraft and evil. However, in Ireland, England, and Scotland, more than 10 percent of the people have red hair. In these countries, red hair is beautiful. Britain’s Prince Harry is famous for his “ginger” hair. Red hair is one of the rarest natural colors throughout the rest of the world. Many historians believe red hair came to Northern Europe during the Viking invasions.

If you are a redhead, you may be romantic or passionate. You may get angry easily and be opinionated. You also might get excited or enthusiastic more easily.

If You Are A Blonde …

There are several psychological effects of hair color. This is especially true of people with blonde hair. Blondes, like redheads, originated with the Vikings. No one ever accused the Vikings of being low-maintenance guys. This appears to be true of blondes as well. People consider blondes to be high-maintenance. There are more divorces among blondes than any other color. Men tend to perceive blondes as feminine and obedient. This may be why men supposedly prefer blondes.

Brunettes and Black Hair

While people have said that blondes have more fun, women who are brunettes have better lives. Researchers have found that men perceive brunettes as being fun, stable, and ready to be in a relationship. However, the news isn’t all good. Brunettes are also more likely to go bald than other hair colors. Brunettes are also more likely to have a nicotine addiction.

Women prefer men with black hair. People see them as deep thinkers and introspective. Who doesn’t love a brooding bad boy? Brown hair and black hair are the predominant hair colors worldwide.

If You Color Your Hair …

For decades, researchers have had an interest in seeing how hair color affects someone’s personality. What researchers have discovered is that when you change your hair color, your personality changes as well. If you become a blonde, you’re more likely to be more fun, more exuberant, and more concerned with your appearance. Researchers have found redheads are more likely to exhibit more passion and more sparks. Depending on when you choose to use that extra fire in your personality, this could be good or bad. If you go darker, you may find more people will take you seriously. You might also find you are contemplating your life and your place in the world.

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