Have you heard of the specific term “balayage”? You’ve most likely seen this popular hair dying technique in recent years on many people, from your favorite celebrity to your best friend. So what exactly is balayage and what makes it so popular? For one, this highlighting technique in which dye is painted directly on sections of the hair without foil is extremely low maintenance and looks good on just about everyone. Its natural look is also perfect for anyone who wants to change up their look without going too crazy.

Balayage comes from the French word “balayer,” which means to sweep. This technique first originated in the 1970s in an exclusive Paris salon and was known as “Balayage à Coton” because of strips of cotton that are used to keep colored hair separate from the rest. It wasn’t until the 1990s that this technique began to grow some popularity in the United States.

What Makes Balayage Different?

So what exactly makes this technique different from any other highlights? Rather than using foil or caps, balayage involves the colorist painting, “or sweeping,” vertical free-hand strokes on sections of the hair. This then allows colorists to have more free reign over where the highlights fall. In contrast to the use of foil that results in very uniform looking highlights. This results in a more natural sunkissed look.

Because there are no clear lines to distinguish between the highlighted sections and the natural hair color, balayage is a lot more low maintenance than other dye jobs. Those with balayage can then allow their hair to grow out for months without needing touch-ups. This technique can, therefore, be very desirable for busy working mothers who have no time to visit the salon often or anyone who is looking to save a little money.

Another advantage of balayage is that it looks good on just about anyone. Whether your hair is blonde or brown, long or short, you can enjoy the benefits of balayage. It’s also perfect for anyone who is interested in highlighting or dying their hair for the first time or only wants a subtle change without making too drastic of a hair color change.

Ready To Change Your Look?

So if you’re interested in changing up your look a little and want a natural-looking highlight to your hair that doesn’t require constant maintenance, balayage may be the perfect answer for you. While it’s possible to achieve these desired effects at home, it is, of course, always recommended to use a professional first for the best outcome.

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