2020 Hair Color Ideas and Trends

It’s hard to believe the human race has put a man on the moon, but scientists still can’t figure out exactly what determines hair color.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have to. 

Salon science outpaced genetic experts when it comes to determining hair color many years ago. Nowadays, you can have any hair color you want, from rainbow hues to an upgraded natural look. 

You can also change your hair whenever your mood changes, or as part of getting a fresh start on the new year. If you fall into the latter category, check out these hair color ideas for 2020 and get inspired. 

Hair Color Ideas That are Returning for 2020

Lovers of lilac, you’re in luck. This popular pastel isn’t going anywhere in the new year, but it’s resurfacing with a touch of ice. 

Silver and platinum are also still in vogue. If you’d like to ease into the realm of the ice queen gradually, light blonde with silver undertones works a treat. 

It doesn’t look like pink hues are losing momentum either and it seems like 2020 is the year of anything goes, with few colors falling out of favor.

Touches of Color

Dip-dye ends are all the rage for those wanting a unique look with a flash of brilliance. The best part about these is not worrying about your roots growing out, and the option to chop them off when you want a change. 

Big Red

Red is back with a big bang for 2020. Gorgeous, glossy, natural-looking bright orchard red will be all over the place this season. This rich shade of golden copper has auburn accents that bring out the inner glow of anyone with warm undertones.

Red has always been a shade that adds head-turning glam to any look and it still does the job. 

Chocolate Brown

There are so many variations on this classic color, that’s it’s not surprising brown undergoes a revival every year. This year, chocolate is the shade that’s rocking the catwalks, a la Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week

If you prefer a little pizazz, caramel highlights will do the trick and keep you on-trend.

Say Goodbye to Boring

Unfortunately, whatever hair color you’ve sported from birth is not going to cut it this year. Bright undertones and classy highlights are still all the rage.

With so many advanced products available today, you’ve got no excuse to sit on the fence. There’s little to fear from hair damage if you stick with a reputable salon and we all know a change is as good as a holiday.

Why not try something different this year? A new hairdo and trendy color could be just the push you need to stick to all those New Year’s resolutions, after all.  

Avoid Bad Hair Days

It’s important to remember that you’ll never achieve the results you want with a DIY hair color application. Always use the services of a hair color expert to get a look that complements your hairstyle and complexion. 

If you’re ready to try out these trending hair color ideas or simply want a new look for 2020, get in touch with Public Image LTD Salon to book an appointment today! 

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