A lot of people I know will hastily swipe a makeup wipe or any old soap over their skin. I won’t yell at you, but hopefully by the end of this blog I can convince you to do otherwise. Most makeup remover wipes contain lots of drying alcohol, and you may not be using a face wash with ingredients for your skin type. The way you wash your face will affect your skin over time, so it is a very important step to skin preservation.

Alyssa explains why double cleanse

In comes the Dermalogica Double Cleanse! With this cleansing method, you will first use Precleanse and then go in with the cleanser that best suits your skin type. So what is Precleanse? This product is a deep cleansing oil that breaks down all the oil-soluble products on your skin. Kiss makeup, sunscreen, and pollutants on your skin goodbye. Kukui oil is present in this product and is similar to the oils your skin naturally produces so this is perfect for any skin type. Once you add water, it will turn into a milky consistency and wash all the impurities away. Now it’s time to follow with a cleanser.

Time to cleanse your bare skin, and not just the layers above it! For oily skin, the next step is dermal clay cleanser. Normal skin should choose Special Cleansing Gel. Dryer skin can opt for Intensive Moisture Cleanser. Last but not least, sensitive skin or skin recently chemically treated should choose Ultracalming Cleanser. These products are all formulated to specifically treat your skin type, which is why it’s so important to use the right one for you.

If you have any questions on what cleanser you should use, or would like to purchase your Precleanse and cleanser duo always feel free to stop into Public Image!

Stay Glowing,

Xx Alyssa