Sun-Kissed Natural Balayage for All Types of Hair

Have you been thinking about changing up your look? If you’re not sure whether going for the sun-kissed natural balayage look will be right for your hair color and length, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a guide to help you understand the difference between balayage and traditional highlights, as well as how it can brighten your hair no matter your current color.

Balayage vs. Highlights

If the word “balayage” sounds strange, that’s because it’s not an English word.

Pronounced “bah-lee-aazh,” it’s formed from the French verb “balayer,” meaning “to sweep.” The stylist’s hand paints the color onto the hair, using a board behind the hair.

Balayage? The word tells more about the hairstylist’s technique to apply the color rather than the look it achieves.

This technique is different from traditional highlights, which is applied after sectioning out sections of hair.

To achieve the sun-kissed natural balayage appearance, only specific strands of your hair are colored. The result is a contrast in color against the darker natural hair color underneath.

Sun-Kissed Natural Balayage on Brown Hair

When the color is painted on a flat surface, the result is a collection of tones that gives the hair a more natural glow. The hand painting falls on hair sections that would naturally brighten in the sun, so it looks uncontrived.

Achieving the sun-kissed natural balayage look for light, medium, and dark brown hair is stunning. Any hairstyle will work, like putting your hair up in a bun or having it flow down your back because it’s all so genuine.

Balayage is a way of achieving an effortless, natural color. While it can be a complex process, its appearance is natural and beautiful. 

Sun-Kissed Balayage on Blonde Hair

Sun-Kissed Natural Balayage for All Types of Hair

This freehand painting technique works beautifully on blonde hair or brown hair where the desire is to achieve a beautiful sun-kissed balayage blonde look.

There are a wide array of blonde color choices that provide the look you want to achieve. From low to high levels, colors can be completely customized. The higher amount will require more frequent visits to the salon.

With summer around the corner, sun-kissed natural Balayage on blonde hair offers a softer and subtler natural-looking way to go blonde vs. going golden or platinum blonde.

Sun Kissed Balayage Short Hair

Many of the pictures you see of sun-kissed balayage on short hair have a beach wave to them. Longer styles with balayage also have beach waves, but you can wear your short or long balayage hair without curling it as well.

Sun Kissed Balayage Straight Hair

If you have naturally straight hair, then curling it can be an extra step you don’t have time for. Fortunately, straight hair with balayage color still catches the light, just in a different way than curls do. You’ll still be able to show off the sun-kissed natural-looking locks you love.

Balayage Hair Care Routine

Speaking of maintenance, you may be wondering how often sun-kissed balayage on blonde hair or brown hair needs to be touched up. You’ve seen traditional highlights that have grown out, where the roots are obvious. That’s not a look you want.

The good news is balayage is great if you’re all about low-maintenance. It’s not as obvious when it grows out, so you can go longer between appointments. While you can maintain it as often as traditional highlights, you won’t look like you skipped an appointment if you wait longer.

Trendy Styles for All Seasons

Hopefully reading about sun-kissed natural balayage above has convinced you that it can work on your hair, too.

It doesn’t matter what your current length or color is. Balayage is a natural technique that can make your hair look fresh and sun-kissed, even if you spend all your time indoors.

Book an appointment today and achieve the effortless look you’ve always wanted.